Guidelines for New-Partnership Cultures on a Peaceful Humane Earth

For several millennia now, some deeply ingrained beliefs have caused the use of enormous violent forces against human beings and other life forms throughout most of the world. Violence has been done both inwardly - in the form of attacks and manipulations of human thought and emotions - and outwardly - in the form of physical attack, the breaking of natural resistances, or total destruction . This violence - especially that inflicted on children, animals, marine mammals, and against much of the natural ecology - needs to be stopped, if human beings and the life forms closest to us are to survive.

That requires, most fundamentally, a clearer, deeper and more comprehensive perspective of human thought and action in order to create a peaceful world. Aluna and The Network For A New Culture base themselves on the following Twelve Guidelines Toward A Non-violent Humane Earth.

We invite you to support and participate in these initiatives.

Twelve guidelines for creating non-violent societies and a peaceful world

A peaceful world is made up of individuals who say what they think and share what they feel. They are not subordinate to anyone : they trust their inner knowing and abilities of clear perception. The mature community is a democracy composed of such free and equal individuals who respect and support one another. The individual and the community are equal and complementary forces in a non-violent world.

Love is the creative source of all humane thinking and non-violent action. Love is linked to trust, and trust is linked to truth. Setting up social conditions where human beings have no reason to fear, and where they feel no need to hide their truth, will create places in which love can flourish.

It is our ability to develop a reflecting intellect that distinguishes us from other animals in the natural world. When our abilities to think and reason, along with our creative powers of choice, are fostered and developed without fear, coercion, or dogma, we become free autonomous human beings. Such free intellects linked with loving hearts can `hold the space’ for becoming consciously aware and constructing non-violent cultures.

Just like Eros and the intellect - the heart and the mind -spirituality is a dimension of human existence. It is the deepest, widest and highest level in which we manifest our physical being. It links us with the endless radiant universe and the Source of all creation. By `holding the space’ in which the free loving intellect can become consciously aware of the spiritual dimension in which it manifests, we empower it to co-create the world in conformity with the Natural Order -- or, if you like, the Will of God.

Human sexuality is a fundamental aspect of our physical creative energies and life force. The essence of the duality of male and female, it is the biggest joy, the highest pleasure and the greatest triumph of the combination of our divinity and our “humanness”. When our spiritual and sexual life forces are engaged full-on together : we love unconditionally. Out of such love come happy children and a peaceful world.

Full-on partnership among individuals is based on equality, friendship and respect. In order to last, a sexual partnership needs unconditional -unbounded and unrestricted - loving of one another by the individuals involved. Such loving is truthful, trusting and free of fear because it rests on self-confidence and self-responsibility of the mature person. It is therefore also free of possessiveness, jealousy, and violence. The non-violent society is created and founded on such partnerships.

The future of humanity depends on the sort of home environments provided for its children. Children need and deserve an environment of continuity, warmth, stability, and love. They need attention and support to develop their individual talents and their own unique personalities. In a world of stable partnerships, children will grow up with confidence and trust.

The organic environment for human beings is the community. Natural values such as truth, trust, solidarity, responsible and caring behaviour, can only be realized within non-violent communities and a peaceful culture.

We are embedded in Nature like a child in its mother’s womb. Whatever we do to nature we do to ourselves : the outer and inner environments are part of the same world. Respect for all life, an awareness of the processes of its growth, its rhythms and interrelatedness, and our cooperation with all vital energies, are prerequisites for non-violent sustainable cultures and a peaceful world.

Animals, like us, are animated beings - part of the living organism of the biosphere - just at a different level of evolution. Whales and dolphins have more brain in relation to bodyweight than we do. Killing for sport or experiment is unnecessary violence to our fellow creatures. What do they mirror for us?

Raising our own personal awareness of these issues, forming stable partnerships and harmonious intentional communities in which we co-parent the children and steward our Mother Earth are all very important : a) they provide actual proof that non-violent cultures based on unconditional loving are possible; b) they become healing centers; and c) they make it easier for others to create their own.

Many people are now becoming involved in the process of creating models for the new peaceful cultures of the future. Networking is important to establish links, share information, and provide support of all kinds among the many groups who are active in this area. By supporting and participating in these networks, everyone is able to make his / her own contribution to a non-violent world.

~ adapted from the Meiga Project for a Non-Violent Earth by Ayran Aluna, 1997

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