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The New-Partnership Era

by Ayran Aluna

One major key in the transformation of the whole culture- civilization which we are undergoing at the present time is the move from the "individual" aspect to the "collective" form, in all areas.

Our fear, of course, is that the individual person, individual initiative, individual action, and the whole series of "human rights" which are largely conceived as rights of the individual human being, will be lost, or discounted, in an era of "collectivism". We fear being submerged in the crowd, caught up in the mob, not being able to do "our own thing" - individually, of course. At the same time, we are very suspicious if not downright afraid of the collective, because it quickly conjures up images of dictatorial "communism" and some dominating ideology, whether of the "Left" or of the "Right" which tells everybody what, and what not, to do.

The emerging New-Partnership is a radically different vision, and it requires us to get beyond our old perceptions, beliefs and fears, in order to become available to experience it. All the constructive work that we have been, and still are, doing at the "individual" level, is actually in preparation for the new "collective" process which is now moving mightily in the planetary, Earth, and changing personal energies all around us.

As I see and experience it, we don't really have much choice in the matter : we either learn how to align ourselves in new-partnership, with one another and with all spiritual/ natural forces around us, or we go into some other realms and dimensions of the universe like the dinosaurs when their time was up. Those are our real choices on this planet at this time. Everything else is some form or other of avoidance, denial, or starry-eyed childish hope in a "rescue" by some "higher power(s)".

We are called-on to be "child-like", not "childish", and there's a huge difference : Child-like is a recovery of our innate spiritual/natural God-given and God-like capacities, which have been so much squelched, put down, warped, repressed, suppressed, tortured and beaten into submission by the traditional dominant culture -- no matter what religion, race, colour or tribe we belonged to. The dominant culture has dominated us !

To recover our innate child is to recover our physical/spiritual nature which contains the capacities necessary for the evolution of the species toward its full maturity on this Earth. We've come from "homo erectus" (walking upright on two feet) to "homo sapiens" (capable of conscious, self-reflective, thought) -- and got stuck in our thinking. In our ego brain, the egotistical beliefs and opinions which it generates, and the whole range of insitutions spawned from that which together create the social fabric which we call our civilization, our "culture". The current transformation is from Homo Sapiens to Homo Humanus, and the New-Partnership culture-civilization which the fully mature, and therefore truly "humane" human beings will create on our mother Earth.

And this is a collective, cooperative, doing-it-together for the benefit of all, sort of enterprise. Service, stewardship, combined effort for the health, wealth, and well-being of all humans, all children, all men, all women, all plants, all animals, all rocks, lakes, rivers and forests on our home planet. And it requires the uniquely-individual (God-given and God-like) capacities and abilities of every individual One of us ! This is the vision and the practice of the New-Partnership Era which is being birthed right now, as I write, on Gaia.

We welcome you to join in the play-work at hand. Namaste -- I salute and honour the God-presence in each One of Us.

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(c) March 1997 Ayran Aluna
Excerpts from this article may be used provided the source is credited.

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